Today I spent a happy morning training future project managers in public speaking technique

Students in the ESIEE Paris ITMP (Innovation Technique et Management de Projet) come from all over -Latin America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa – an rich and varied mixture of cultures.
We worked on eye contact and energy. We learned how to up the energy ante by relating to the recruting posters of the Engineering company recruiting day. We valued each individual’s style and how to enhance it.


Valuing is a major soft skills area for project managers: valuing your client, your team, yourself, your project, other actors both human and not.
Lately I’ve been using Gary Chapman’s ‘The 5 Love Languages’ as a basis and hanging my exercises and explorations around it.

An Aha! moment


An Aha! moment

The other day I was training people in non directive listening technique.
For the first time I realized the close links between successful listening strategies and creative problem solving.
Non diagnostic ‘open’ listening can be flow charted and equated to the classic creativity cycle:

> accept situation >analyse >define >ideate >select >implement.

Now isn’t that fun!
The photo shows Creative Dynamics with this years Motis students at ESIEE-Paris