Demi-journée de “présentation-expérience” de la facilitation, la facilitation graphique et du co-développement.

Jean -Philippe Poupard, founder of Formapart, gave a really excellent afternoon presentation of Facilitation (what it is and what it isn’t!) graphic facilitation and co-development. I was delighted He spelled out the difference between facilitation, coaching and mediation in a fascinatingly clear presentation. And in doing so showed me how my years in France of ‘animation de groupe’, in class and at the ‘Espace du Possible’ could be brought into the real world of industry and commerce. I am really quite excited.

Roberta Faulhaber did some wonderful graphic facilitation work. Image

The afternoon was completed with a presentation of ‘Co- Development’ a modern Canadian development of Patrice Kucharz’s ‘ARPIC’ workshops in the 1970s and early eighties. The two techniques seem substantially the same though from what I’ve seen today the 70s model contained more personal and team boosting, personal development and truthful confrontation when needed. The new model seems more adapted to the workplace environment. Personal behaviour patterns might be less confronted. I’d need to see more of it in situ. Probably just as powerful as it used to be. But tamed down.

In the late seventies I participated in a workshop where the technique was used to boost twenty project groups of four participants working in parallel. Patrice K  told me that at least thirty of the projects actually came to fruition!

Krys Markowski and I used ‘Arpic‘, now co-development, to great effect in the mid eighties as a kick off technique for personal project development. It also inculcated the  team work ethic as the Arpic group members also worked with the project promoter (now ‘the client’ in the co-development modelto bring the project to fruition. A team effort.

A wonderful afternoon for all concerned. Run by really super group leaders. Thank you so much.