Ethos, logos, pathos

Aristotle is one of my favourite communicators. He really undid the knots of effective communication for me. When I’m training people in communication Aristotle is where I start. But I don’t always tell my trainees what I’m up to. That comes later.
Ethos is what gives you your credibility. It’s the experience you present, the people you quote, the attitudes you defend, the ethics you adhere to,
Logos are the facts you marshall, the figures you present.
And pathos? Pathos is the fun, the wonder, the feelings you generate in your audience.

Sneaking into Africa? 

I’m teaching project  management and  creative innovation at the Tshwane university of technology in Pretoria.  A very cool place.  And enormous.  TUT is a face of Africa which shines with health and personality. So much so that at the moment I don’t really feel I’m in Africa. 

After working my way out of the airport I drove my hire car from Jo’burg to Pretoria on a cloud of exhilarated exhaustion.  A ten hour flight can get to you.  the rock music on the radio was really cool.  I sang as I bopped along. 

But it didn’t feel like Africa either.

My guest house lodge is ultra.  Another planet.  It functions like Proust’s madeleine, drawing up sensation and memory of past contentements. A subject for science fiction 


The electricity grid keeps going down. I’m getting used to the  noise  of generators. The  food includes antilope carpaccio. It’s cool in the evening with  a warm humidity during the  day. Someone told me how to  say  “I’m a bit too fat” in  setswana. Much laughter. The  people I meet are  friendly with  a certain warm formality. Today I tipped the parking attendant.

 My comfort zone is starting to expand. This is more like it.