New Year’s resolution :4X4

I’m communicating more about myself, my life and interests this year at least that’s the plan. The game I’m playing is to post four points from my ongoing life at least four times a month.

So here goes. I hope it works for you too.
What I’m listening to
Jack Lukeman’s new album ‘Magic Days’ and in particular ‘ Fox News Blues ‘ a  harshly relevant track which is also well worth watching as a music video. Jack L. Is an Irish journeyman eclectic rock artist with a loyal fan base up and down the country. His performance of King of SoHo reminds me of a younger Zucchero Fornaciari. You can look him up. He has a page on FB –Jack Lukeman
What I’m reading
Or should I say re-reading : Innervation. ‘Innovate where it counts. Inside.’ Guy Browning’s light, easy to read, book on ‘redesigning yourself for a smarter future’.. This is by far Guy’s best shot; I read back over it once a year just to interweave what he explores with my own ongoing work. Out of print but it’s out there second hand. You’ll find him on FB too:  @mrguybrowning
What I’m preparing
The Ponts et Chaussées first year communication seminar which, for reasons I can’t really fathom, is programmed in the middle of the year when the students have already been collaborating for four months! I’m really looking forward to it. Bringing out the best in them brings out the best in me.IMG_0064Favorite apps:
Spotify – it just offered me three months premium free.
BBC Focus – just offered me three months free too. It’s mainly science for teenagers with pictures but it offers excellent flow.