16/8 Getting healthy with intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is all the rage apparently. My friend Nicolas Trub of Stilic Force introduced me to it. The procedure is simple. Don’t eat for 16 hours at a stretch. Eat normally during the remaining eight. I’ve been trying it and I’ve found it really easy to do.

I have been eating within an eight hour window for several weeks now. Mostly between 14:00 and 10:00. I feel happier, more effective in daily life, my creativity quotient seems to be rising and I’m (slowly) losing weight.

If I have an event like a party or a late night dinner I just push the window a bit moving it from 16:00 to midnight for example and then compensate to bring myself back to my more comfortable schedule.

I don’t try to eat anything special within the window. I just get on with whatever I enjoy eating. No fads. No special diets. That said I find I’m drinking more juices than before. Carrot juice with a little ginger, apple and orange is a favourite. I drink this concoction on evenings when I go to the gym. I also find that I’m drinking less alcohol than before. Basically because social drinking steps me outside my time frame. I’m a water, coffee and green tea man now.

I remain discrete about it. though. I’ve found when I’m open my friends try to talk me out of it – “another glass of wine won’t hurt” etc.

Will I continue? I can’t see any reason not to. The habit feels effortless.

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