My recipe for honing English language skills acquired in school but unevenly developed as an adult

As a project management trainer and teacher working with engineers and future engineers in French environments here is my recipe for overcoming the eventual shortcomings of a lycée education in English:

  • Fluency – speak continuously at least two minutes today, even if it’s with your bathroom mirror!
  • Precision – write in English, at least one paragraph per day.
  • Prosody – tell lots of stories. Entertain. Play with the music of the language.
  • Pronunciation – dictate to your telephone! If you get it right it writes what you say. If it doesn’t start again 🙂 .
  • Interaction – meet lots of people. Go to meetup, pubs and anywhere else where you can speak English. Create an English-speaking world yourself.
  • Vocabulary and culture – watch television series, go to the movies, go to the theatre, read books, travel, sing songs, play video games etc. etc. The more you explore the world the more your vocabulary and your understanding will grow. In any language.975C8486-9B9C-4A82-8A3F-5A6245F00374